5 Scandi Ways to Transition your Home for Summer

Summer is coming up soon or may have already started where you are, and these are some ways you can make the transition from spring to summer. Scandinavian decor works so well during summer because of its simplicity and elegance. Summer is mostly directed to minimal, clean and bright spaces for a peace of mind during the heat.

The best way to incorporate summer into your home is to have a white base and add some wood accent features throughout the space. For a more cohesive look, try and match all the wood color and texture. It makes the room seem more put together and luxurious in its own scandinavian way.

These are five ideas to help you make the transition:

  1. Use transparent type chairs to open the space. In the image you can see how the the space is more brighter and bigger due the the opacity – ness of the chairs. This creates a beautiful summery aesthetic for your home. The color of the chairs are also very important because it helps with neutralizing the space by matching it to the walls and surrounding.

2. Pops of colour. Summer is the best time for color but for a scandi design too much color can look very messy and busy. Using just a pop of color in the more muted/ pastel zone can help bring some summer to your home. If you still feel the color is too strong, opting for some plants can also do the trick.


3. If you still feel the color is too strong, opting for some plants can also do the trick. In the image below, you can see how simple and clean the green looks with the black and white, this helps to bring in some color for summer but simple remain true to the scandinavian design.


4. Allow as much a light to enter, it gives the illusion of larger spaces. Reflecting light is very important for scandinavian design. It is one of their main features because the enlarges the space to seem bigger. In the image below you can see how small the bathroom really is but because of the light source coming from the ceiling and reflecting on the white marble walls, it just makes the space seem so much more bigger.


5. Having white clean surfaces, allows light to reflect making the space seem very bright and summery. Try to not keep many items on your counter space as it can look very cluttered and especially for small spaces, it can make it look even more congested.


7 Easy Ways to Create Your Office / Study Nook

Getting work done at home can be a challenge when there are so many distractions around. Creating a small home office / study can help you focus and you are most likely to concentrate on the work while you are there.

I found this image on pinterest, and tried to find similar items so that you can achieve a similar look. The elements are mostly wooden and black, which gives a scandi feel.

Its a great space saver technique if you are working with smaller sqm.



Get the look:




1. Mira Office Chair – Boraam

2. West Wick Mid-Century Modern 2 Drawer Rectangular Secretary Desk

3. Designs2Go 4 Tier Ladder Bookshelf Black

4. 6-Drawer Vertical File

5. Globe Electric Robin Pendant Fixture in Satin Black

6. Storage Basket with Lid

7. Makers gonna make 

9 Must Have Ikea Items For Scandinavian Decor

IKEA is the home to Scandinavian decor. Their features are very clean, minimal and white. I thought it would be a challenge to choose the black decor pieces and try to incorporate into your home. Black decor pieces make a statement and you don’t want to overpower the white. Adding these small touches here and there can make your living area very classy and elegant.

Check out these 9 decor ideas from IKEA:


Get these simple pieces here: 

  1. LIVSLÅNG Metallic Grey Vase
  2. SOMMAR Dark Grey Plate
  3. BONDIS Wall Clock
  4. RIBBA Frame
  5. VÅRGYLLEN Cushions
  7. KULLABERG Chair
  8. GURLI Throw
  9. GUALÖV Table

A few examples on how you can use these elements in your own place.


Contrasting colours like black and white can seem to make the house very less colourful but it gives it a very clean and minimal scandinavian look. Adding small accents here and there, like with a clock, pillows or throws can change your space without breaking the bank.
If you want to corporate colour the best way is to use wood features which makes your space seem more homely.


Get The Look // H&M Home // Scandinavian + Boho

Scandinavian Interior is one of the most popular trend right now. I wanted to combine Scandinavian and Boho to see what happens, and honestly I’m not mad. I used big pieces like the couch and coffee table to emphasise the Scandinavian simple and clean look. Using colour and small decor pieces from H & M home i completed the Boho look.

This is a small mood board where I tried to show how I put them together to create a new Scandinavian boho look.



H and M Home:

  1. Washed Linen Cushion Cover
  2. Metal Tea Light Holder
  3. Round Mirror
  4. Large Storage Basket

Other Products:

  1. Magic Loveseat
  2. Muuto Large Round Coffee Table
  3. Glass Globe Sconce Wall Light Brass


Do let me know what other elements you would have incorporated.

Thank you!

Trend It Up // Copper + Pastels

Copper has been such a huge metal choice in the last year. The undertone in the metal is warm with a mix of brown, orange, and a slight hint of blush pink, which make it go so well with pastel. Its reflective property can open up the space and make it bigger and brighter.

Mixed with pink pastel,  Copper seems so become so subtle but so clean in its lines are finishes.

These are a few pieces I found, which can change up your space with small touches.


Get these simple pieces here: 

  1. Metal Pendant Copper Ceiling Lamp

  2. Zevgari Linen Solid Throw Pillow

  3. Prisma Mirror – Copper
  4. Softline Swivel Curved Chair 
  5. Valentine Side Table COPPER
  6. Maison Rug – Safavieh
  7. Copper Pyramid Cabinet Knob

  8. Hexagon Vase – Rose
  9. Atlas Floor Lamp

A few inspiration pictures I found on how you can incorporate these pieces.







7 Ways To Add Pops of Colour for your Scandinavian Home

These are some small ways you can incorporate colour into your house without it being too over-powering. Colour is very important to choose as the tones can set the way you feel in a space.

People usually stay away from colour because they don’t know where to use. I hope these pictures can you give you idea on how to use colour and how to make it seem less distracting.

1. Having a statement piece like a couch. One of the ways you can include colour is by having a big statement piece and then, have the remaining of the house in neutral colours. This gives the house a little life and then its very easy to decorate the rest.


2. Adding small pops of colour with plants. I think plants are the easiest way to incorporate colour into your house. They bring life into the house, using fake plants can help with little to no maintenance and the green add such a nature vibe to the space.


3. Woods / Browns are a really great earthy tone colour for homely vibes. I love really light / almost white wood. they give a very clean but still has that really homely feeling.


4. Adding small snips of colour on cupboard or with books, can brighten the space.


5. Cushions can add a subtle pop of colour. Cushions are one of the best ways to incorporate colour. They don’t cost money, you can change them up every season, and they are just very small pops of colour.


6. Adding an accent wall. Lets say, you have already decorated your house and you just feel like it has no life or the space is lacking strong features. An accent wall is a big statement, but if done right can enlarge the walls and give it that grandeur effect. Also, if you do not want any colour, adding texture to the wall can achieve the same effect.


7. Adding accent chairs to a space. Accent chairs are also a great idea to set the mood of the place. In the example below, you can see how they have just a simple black and white house but adding these orange accent chairs just changed the space up!


These are some ways to incorporate colour. Colour may seem a very challenging decor idea but its very simple and in the end it is your space so feel free to express yourself!


Scandinavian Dorm Decor

Love these simple and easy scandinavian dorm decor ideas that range from classic and rustic to modern and contemporary, all featuring beautiful color schemes and décor choices.

Designing your dorm can sometimes be quite a task. you need some place where you can get inspired but also cozy for those nights where all you want to do to sleep!

Check out these ideas that I hope can inspire you in some way.


5 Easy Home Accents to give your home a Scandinavian look

These are some easy ways you can incorporate the scandinavian trend into your house without spending so much money! The Scandinavian trend is known to be very minimal, clean and white. I think these small trinkets will give you that kick start into a scandinavian lifestyle.

1.  I love these wall shelves! They are such a fun way to hang frames and they give it such an expensive and clean look. You can also add some smaller peices and not only frames.


2.  Succulents are so popular right now and I can definitely see why. They can bring the nature you need without being overpowering.


3.  Ive been seeing these carpets all around pinterest. I personally love this one. It doesnt have a strong black outline but the ones that are there are quite modern and minimal.


4.  Since Scandinavian Interiors have alot of white, adding white cushions can enhance that. This is quite an easy one!


5.  I love having glass trays, they just look so luxurious and goes with everything!


Scandinavian Inspired: Create A Cozy Condo / Apartment

These are some ideas and details on how to create a cozy environment in your house. We always have the place in our house where no one really uses and its wasted space, and turning it into a cozy little area for you or your friends to just relax, read a book or chill at will definitely give its purpose!


Dining table benches are very in this year! They are great space savers and can provide more seating areas.


One of the ways you can cozy up the place is by adding shelves.


Adding a pop of  warm colour makes the area seem more inviting.

de7692753e96cf981dbc753ab0af2d84 (1)

Little nooks like these always cozy up the place



Scandinavian Inspired: Bathroom Organization

10+ Easy Bathroom Organization Tips. Time to purge, organize, declutter and clean! I love using these organization tips to utilize the space we have! These are some simple and easy ways you could re do your bathroom without spending a fortune but making it look like a million dollars 😉