Seating arrangements can be one of the most hardest yet creative decisions you can take  in your home. Even though, each layout is specifically designed for the room you are designing for you can always change up the look with adding various different types of  chairs and sofas which can give the room a more polished and well thought look.

Every arrangement has a certain look and feel to it. The following are some examples of different types of looks.

  1. Cozy: Pushing the furniture together is a great hack if you have a smaller space
  2. Brighten: Adding all white can brighten up and open the space
  3. Float Furniture: Pushing your furniture to the center can give the illusion of a bigger space
  4. Low Seating: Having sofas with low seating helps make the walls look higher than what they actually seem.



Hope these tips help you in creating a scandinavian look to your living room

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