7 Ways To Add Pops of Colour for your Scandinavian Home

These are some small ways you can incorporate colour into your house without it being too over-powering. Colour is very important to choose as the tones can set the way you feel in a space.

People usually stay away from colour because they don’t know where to use. I hope these pictures can you give you idea on how to use colour and how to make it seem less distracting.

1. Having a statement piece like a couch. One of the ways you can include colour is by having a big statement piece and then, have the remaining of the house in neutral colours. This gives the house a little life and then its very easy to decorate the rest.


2. Adding small pops of colour with plants. I think plants are the easiest way to incorporate colour into your house. They bring life into the house, using fake plants can help with little to no maintenance and the green add such a nature vibe to the space.


3. Woods / Browns are a really great earthy tone colour for homely vibes. I love really light / almost white wood. they give a very clean but still has that really homely feeling.


4. Adding small snips of colour on cupboard or with books, can brighten the space.


5. Cushions can add a subtle pop of colour. Cushions are one of the best ways to incorporate colour. They don’t cost money, you can change them up every season, and they are just very small pops of colour.


6. Adding an accent wall. Lets say, you have already decorated your house and you just feel like it has no life or the space is lacking strong features. An accent wall is a big statement, but if done right can enlarge the walls and give it that grandeur effect. Also, if you do not want any colour, adding texture to the wall can achieve the same effect.


7. Adding accent chairs to a space. Accent chairs are also a great idea to set the mood of the place. In the example below, you can see how they have just a simple black and white house but adding these orange accent chairs just changed the space up!


These are some ways to incorporate colour. Colour may seem a very challenging decor idea but its very simple and in the end it is your space so feel free to express yourself!


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