5 Easy Home Accents to give your home a Scandinavian look

These are some easy ways you can incorporate the scandinavian trend into your house without spending so much money! The Scandinavian trend is known to be very minimal, clean and white. I think these small trinkets will give you that kick start into a scandinavian lifestyle.

1.  I love these wall shelves! They are such a fun way to hang frames and they give it such an expensive and clean look. You can also add some smaller peices and not only frames.


2.  Succulents are so popular right now and I can definitely see why. They can bring the nature you need without being overpowering.


3.  Ive been seeing these carpets all around pinterest. I personally love this one. It doesnt have a strong black outline but the ones that are there are quite modern and minimal.


4.  Since Scandinavian Interiors have alot of white, adding white cushions can enhance that. This is quite an easy one!


5.  I love having glass trays, they just look so luxurious and goes with everything!


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