Pantry Shelving Organization

Check out these tricks to use when you want to make your pantry free organized and clean. These are some tips I found on how to maximise space and also keep it organized and neat.

I think having a pantry aesthetically pleasing to the eye can make your kitchen a more inviting place. One of the main tips for a clean kitchen is to de-clutter everything you have from utensils to spices. twice. I keep finding myself back in the kitchen trying to reduce how many things I dont use.



1. Keeping all types for containers together can make the space organized. Also investing in the same type of container. Mason jars are now in and can really make your pantry look lavish!


2. Here is another example on how having the same container can help organize the shelf. Also labelling it with some kind of label maker or chalk writing can give a more functional use.


3. Adding some exposed shelves outside the normal pantry are can add more storage to the space.


4. Magnetic strips on the back of doors and cupboards for cutlery helps create more storage room.


5. White is a very clean colour and help opening up the space


6. Try to maximise shelving height


7. Try emptying out the boxed / packaged goods into jars


8. Adding little tags on them are also a great idea





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